Day Trading Academy

Day Trading Academy

Day Trading Academy is an academy par excellence that is focused on teaching the strategies and methodology of trading in a professional and cutting edge manner.

The idea of Day Trading Academy took inception in the mind of Mr. Marcello Arrambide, who is the founder of this project. Mr Arrambide is a veteran of this industry and knows the tips and tricks of trading inside out. He has been in this industry since the last two decades, his experiences in the industry made him realize that most people do not know how to trade in the financial markets and as a result they end up earning a lot less than they should be. His experience and research of the market made him realize that if the people were equipped with the correct strategies and methodology of trading, they could not only make a lot of profit for themselves but also become a guiding light for many others.

Day trading academy offers training to aspiring financial market traders in a very hand on manner, which is quite different from the conventional modes of teaching, this results in the aspiring traders to learn the methodology and strategies of training in a very short span of time.

Who Is Day Trading Academy Training Suited For?

Day Trading Academy is for people who are looking to generate passive income through trading. This is as simple as it can be. Anyone who is familiar with trading knows that trading requires very few requisites. It does not require formal education or degree, it only requires a willing and sharp mind that is ready to understand the market and take advantage of the opportunities present.

In this manner, Day Trading Academy is no different. There is no pre requisite of education or any particular background, however if you are from a financial background it will work to your favor as you will be familiar with a lot of terms and methodologies, but there is no requirement as such and any one can join. Student intake depends on the number of slots or seats available.

Day trading is for people who are looking to create a secondary income stream in addition to their active income or to take up day trading as a profession. If done right, day trading has the potential to create huge profits, thus allowing one to escape the nine to five rat race and live life freely.

A quick look at the testimonials on the site of Day Trading Academy will tell you that this is not a course for the non serious, the methodology taught at the Day Trading Academy has a very hands on and practical approach and this means that it requires a lot of practice, day in and day out. Nevertheless be warned that there has been some evidence that Day Trading Academy has artificially inflated its reviews. Day Trading Academy offer one free month of membership to every student who writes a review of the platform and puts it online.

The academy provides free software to the students to start their practical trading right away, initially they learn through a simulated program and then once they have learned the ticks and strategies they can trade live. As you can understand, this requires a very rigorous training with application of learned knowledge. Thus, only those people should sign up for the courses offered by the academy who are passionate and dedicated about learning how to trade to generate income.

Bear in mind that the student intake is limited because the academy believes in giving individual attention to each student, so that every student can get a personalized overview of their training.

Now that we have seen who the classes are for, let us look at who offers the classes.

The teachers or trainers at the Day Trading Academy are not employees or hired teachers instead the trainers are professional traders and in most cases they are former students of the academy who after the completion of their training are given the role of mentors and guides. This is one of the defining traits of this academy. It is not like a conventional academy that hires professional teachers to teach batch after batch of students, no rather the academy acts as a platform to bring real professional traders in contact with students who aspire to become successful traders themselves.

Think of it like this. Conventional academies focus on knowledge based learning and thus when the students pass out they still need to acquire professional learning experience because they get no or very little exposure to the real trading environment of a market. Compared to conventional academies, Day Trading Academy has a completely different and innovative way of imparting knowledge and professional skills. The students learn directly from professional traders who are present in the market and they share their trading sessions with the students to give them real time insights about trading in a real situation. In addition to this, the students don`t just gain the knowledge, the course is designed in such a manner that they learn to trade like a professional trader. This means that the academy not just teaches them but also gives them professional trading experience and they do not have to seek further assistance after completing the course from any trainer or trader, they leave the academy as professional traders capable of teaching others.

In fact the academy requires the students to train other students after completing their training, this allows the students the discover more career paths and become deeply rooted in what they learned because when you teach something you have learned to others, the neural patterns in the brain become stronger and create clarity of concepts.                                                          

This however does mean, as I have mentioned earlier that firstly their student intake is limited because the academy focuses on individual attention and secondly the quality of students they take in needs to be above a certain level which the academy has established. The academy is looking for highly dedicated and passionate individuals. Yes they do not require you to be from any specific background but they do want their students to be highly motivated and dedicated individuals, capable or learning the methodology quickly and sharply.

What’s So Different About Day Trading Academy?

What differentiates Day Trading Academy from other academies is the rigorous hands on approach towards training, the academy and the trainers have a philosophy where they do not rely on past data and indicators as much as other academies and professionals do.

Why not?

The reason is that the academy and professionals who provide the training understand that the indicators and data provide a picture of past trends in the market. This strategy is a conventional strategy taught by all the other schools, at Day Trading Academy the trainers believe that extraordinary success in trading cannot be achieved if we trade by basing our speculations on the indicators alone.

The trends of past cannot adequately predict the movements of future, especially the marginal and short term movements which present a potential to make a lot of profit. As mentioned above, the trends, data and indicators provide a picture of the past, even the real time data that is available on live trading platforms is delayed and by the time the traders analyze it the market position has changed, Day Trading Academy and the trainers who teach there have developed strategies that make little use of indicators and focus more on the future position of the market. This is speculation based on the understanding of the market and not the data available.

The Day Trading Academy boasts having built their strategies on a sound knowledge base that has allowed apparently hundreds of traders to rake up profits through their innovative strategies. This however does not mean that there is no room for failure, yes there is but the focus is on capitalizing on the potential for profit instead of one off failures.

Day Trading Academy focuses on the futures market, in particular the E-mini S&P 500, the academy has identified this as a small and easy to trade futures market. The academy believes that the smaller a market is, the easier it is to trade and make profits for both beginners and experts.

While the academy is perfectly entitled to their professional opinion, this strategy of investing in a single market means that the students do not get the exposure of trading in other markets where conditions may be very different.  Thus, if the students after training try to utilize their skills and experience to trade in other markets, they may not get the same results because the trading strategies may not be applicable to other markets due to varying conditions.

Stages of Progress

As it has been mentioned before, there are no pre requisites for joining the course, the selected students are grouped together according to their knowledge of the markets and so students with advanced knowledge are groups together and those with no or little knowledge are grouped together separately. This means that students at the same level of understanding stay together and thus they can learn in a better way. This also means that classes are focused on the level of understanding of the students.

There are four stages or levels of training, each level prepares the students for the next level. Students are transferred to the next level only after they have mastered the previous level.

  1. Beginner Phase
  2. Intermediate Phase
  3. Advanced Phase           
  4. Pro Phase

The journey from beginner to the pro phase is a rigorous regime of learning and then applying the learned knowledge in simulated and real market situations. The beginner level students are given introductory lessons to bring them up to par with the required standards, once the students have acquired a particular level of familiarity with markets and trading then they are introduced to the more detailed concepts of day trading, the different strategies to understand the market and the skills to use the NinjaTrading software.

Trainers teacher the students to use the software to read the data, while the students are taught about the usage of indicators the focus is more on understanding and reading the market and price movements because this is the unique selling point of the academy. Day Trading Academy is all about making profits on the short price movements and this is what most of the course is aimed at.

The course also focuses on risk analysis and risk mitigation strategies as these are essential for any trader. Day Trading Academy follows a very hands on and practical approach and for this reason the students are expected to achieve a certain level of expertise and technical proficiency on each level before progressing on to the next level.

By the time the students reach the advanced and pro phase, they have acquired the skills needed to hold their own while trading in the market. At this stage they are introduced to live trading under the supervision of professional traders in the live trading room that is equipped with the latest equipment to facilitate quick decision making. A couple of sessions each week are dedicated to live trading, where the trainers along with the students engages in live trading to understand the market directly through experience.

Failure is inevitable for students but the academy focuses on constant improvement. The trading software traces the pattern of trading of each student and shows the learning curve, the mentors and traders attend to each student individually to look at their mistakes and guide them. The students are encouraged to overcome their fear and trade aggressively for profits. Since the focus is on constant improvement, this means that every mistake is looked in detail and the students learn from their mistakes and their learning curve gets better over time.


After looking at the way Day Trading Academy operates, here are my two cents on it. Trading is a risky business, in the sense that unless you know what you are doing you cannot do well. You need to understand the market before you can successfully trade otherwise you will simply keep losing your money. Now there are a lot of trading academies and every academy boasts to be the best. But the dynamic environment of the trading market is such that the students need something extra, that oomph factor to really understand the market.

Online lectures, tutorials and knowledge based classes can help the students acquire the required knowledge but that will not prepare them for the break neck speed at which the market operates and the constant ups and downs which a trader needs to be aware of.

This is where Day Trading Academy scores well, they have a highly geared system that is focused on knowledge and live trading experience. They don`t just teach the students how to trade, they take the fear out of them and turn them into confident professional traders with the ability to guide others. This is what many other academies do not offer.

Day Trading Academy also plays it safe by focusing on the e-mini futures market, this is a sound strategy in itself but the only drawback is that this limits the exposure of the students but then the academy focuses on successful trading again and again and the way they do it is by focusing on a single market, the strategy seems to be working for them.

Looking at the structured approach of the academy and the testimonials, it appears that Day Trading Academy is worth its salt, it has turned people from various backgrounds into successful confident traders.

Is Day Trading Academy legitimate? It’s often difficult to tell if an online business is genuine, especially when the rewards are as hard to measure as trading success and mindset. However, research suggests that Day Trading Academy is legit, although expensive compared to other systems.

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