Warrior Trading: Is It Worth It?

Warrior Trading is a website that operates a day trading chat room and provides online training material with different packages for those interested in day trading.

Warrior Trading was set up by Mr. Ross Cameroon, who has almost two decades of trading experience. He suffered losses in the economic depression that hit in 2007. Recovering from that economic depression was a process that made him realize that he needed to formulate strategies to trade successfully. Ross, then formulated his own trading strategies that brought him success and as he became self actualized, he thought about founding “Warrior Trading” that serves as an online platform for traders both old and new but it holds more attraction for new investors looking to trade.

Their website states that their mission is to create 50,000 freedom traders that can live their life with freedom & independence by 2020. Well 2020 is just a month away now and they already have almost 50,000 members. So they have clearly achieved their goal of creating 50,000 freedom traders.
The primary sales pitch of warrior trading is for those individuals who are looking to achieve financial independence through day trading, this pitch also attracts people who are looking to change their careers or set up a passive or secondary income stream.

Warrior trading, it must be remembered, is an online platform. It is not like other day trading academies where the trainees or students can visit an academy and learn the tips, tricks and strategies of trading in a class room environment with one on one interaction with trainers. This is both a positive aspect and a negative aspect.

It is positive because it gives the freedom and flexibility to students. The students simply have to subscribe to the plan or package of their choice, they will then get the study material and resources and then they can learn and practice at their own will.

This means that people working day jobs can benefit from these courses, whereas academies require students to be physically present in class sessions, which is not possible for those with day jobs.

Being restricted to an online platform is negative because it inhibits the potential of the trainers to teach effectively. One cannot deny the effectiveness of classroom learning. Moreover Warrior Trading provides study packs and resources to their subscribers and thus it is up to the students to study effectively. Thus, the success of students then depends mostly on the passion and motivation of the students.

Who is Warrior Trading for?

In simple words, Warrior Trading is for individuals interested in day trading, either as a part time activity to generate secondary income or as a full time profession. The website of Warrior Trading distinguishes between beginner traders and advanced traders.

Beginner traders are those who have little or no knowledge of day trading or understanding of the financial markets. Beginners are offered courses that build up their trading knowledge up from scratch. There is no particular requirement of any specific educational background, though the students if they are beginners should have basic analytical skills because trading requires a lot off analysis and a sharp mind.

Most of all, it requires personal motivation and passion to succeed, all other traits and qualities can be acquired. Students at Warrior Trading need to have that extra bit of motivation because day trading academies that offer classes in a classroom make it a bit easier for the students because that classroom environment makes it a little easier for the students to focus. Whereas students who study online, need to have that extra bit of motivation and discipline.

The students, who take up Warrior Trading as beginners, can be fresh students or people who are already working and well settled into their careers, looking for a secondary source of income or an alternative career.

Warrior Trading is also for advanced traders, those who already know what day trading is, how it is done and have an understanding of the financial markets but they have not yet tapped their potential to succeed in the market. Warrior Trading can give advanced level traders the required understanding, strategies and confidence to succeed with their day trading.

What is Warrior Trading?

Warrior Trading is an online day trading teaching platform and chat room provider for day traders. Consider it as an online day trading academy. The mode of teaching is through study packs, resources, online lectures, webinars and live sessions with mentors and trainers. Scalping is the main trading style taught and promoted by the mentors.

Students are provided with a video stream with stock scanners, newsfeed and other relevant charts. Warrior Trading has got 5 trainers or mentors including Ross, Mike, Arsh, Steve and Roberto. They focus on low priced stocks and trading is momentum based.

The mentors conduct weekly sessions where they instruct the students about trading strategies, these sessions are interactive where students can interact with the trainers and pose their queries and questions to them. Although the live session medium limits the ability of the trainer but the trainers nevertheless interact as much as possible to give the required attention to the students.

Ross Cameron, the founder of Warrior Trading focuses on momentum trading as this is how he found success in day trading. Even though numerous day trading strategies exist but it is common for each trainer to have their own strategy that helped them find success and for this reason Warrior Trading focuses on momentum trading. This means that it is ideal for investors looking to make profit in the short term rather than the long term. Thus investors looking to invest their money for a long time for long term gains may not find the courses and strategies offered by Warrior Trading to be very useful.

Warrior Trading Simulator

Warrior Trading offers their own Real Time Trading Simulator to students so that they can learn to trade in a live but simulated environment. This means that the data coming into the simulator is real and live from the market but the trading done by the students is in a simulated environment. This software allows the students to learn trading by actually doing it in real time but in a safe simulated environment so that even if they make errors, they do not lose real money. This real time simulation software is a great tool for the students to work up their strategies till the feel confident to trade in a real trading session. The simulation software comes equipped with various indicators, charts and data that are required by the traders to understand the market and trade successfully.

It must be mentioned here that the approach taken by the mentors is a strategy centric approach that makes use of available data and indicators that indicate the momentum of the market. As it has been mentioned before, different traders favor different strategies and momentum based strategy is apparently working for Warrior Trading since they already have a 500,000 member strong trading community that is still growing.

Warrior Trading Chatrooms

Warrior Trading also has chat rooms, which can be said to be their distinguishing feature or their unique selling point. Chat rooms are available for Pro members. The chat rooms are categorized by different styles of trading. There are three main chat rooms, one moderated by Ross himself and this is a small cap chat room, second one is moderated by Mike and this one is a large cap chat room and the third one is moderated by Steve and this one is the Futures trading chat room.

These chat rooms go live when markets in the US open (from 9 am to 4 pm EST), members can join the chat rooms according to their preference. Mentors and members trade live in the chat rooms, these chat rooms also provide the opportunity to interact directly with the mentors and gain valuable insight from them as they trade and guide the members through live trading sessions.

What are the Plans on Offer?

As it has been mentioned before, Warrior Trading is an online platform to learn day trading, it is not a traditional academy per se. Warrior Trading is innovative in this sense and so the training programs are meant for those who want to learn day trading at their own pace. Each course consists of study material and video lectures. At the end of each course, the students can take the quiz to see how well they do.
There are two plans on offer.

Warrior Starter Plan

This is ideal for beginners with little or no knowledge of day trading and financial markets. This is a starter program and brings the students up to the required level of understanding to be able to trade in the market. Needless to mention that the plan is structured in such a way that the students can progress at their own pace. This plan gives the students free access to the online community, real time trading simulator, chat room and the study pack and resources necessary.

The Warrior Starter plan consists of 15 chapters and comes at a price of $997 for the first 30 days and then $197 per month after the initial 30 days with free cancellation at anytime.

Warrior Pro Plan

This is a 90 day plan for traders. Once the students have completed starter plan they can move on to the pro plan and experienced traders can join in directly. Similar to the start plan, the pro plan also allows the students to learn at their own pace. Warrior Pro Plan, gets all the resources of the start plan and in addition to those pro plan subscribers also get access to Pro Master class Courses, scanner settings and weekly group mentor sessions.
Pro plan, covers some very advanced topics such as crypto trading, swing and day trading, risk management strategies, chart pattern analysis, options and futures trading etc. It is an extensive 90 day course that covers all the details of day trading in a comprehensive manner.

The Warrior Pro plan comes at a price of $5997 for one year, if you do not want this deal(though this one is the best if you look at the pricing) then you can try the 90 day access for $4297 with $197 per month after the completion of initial 90 days.

There is a third plan for Warrior Pro. It is priced at $1497 per month for the first 3 months, this means that it costs $4491 for the first three months and then $197 per month after the initial three months.

The first plan for $5997 seems to be the most cost effective one out of all three. If you are going to pay #4297 for 3 months and then $197 for every month after the first three, why not pay for $5997 for the whole year!
Students who have completed their training can continue to use the chatroom, for a price. Monthly subscription of the chat rooms is at $197, those who want to subscribe for the whole year can do so for $1197 per year and those interested in a quarterly subscription then they can get it for $447 per quarter.


Warrior Trading appears to be a premium priced, online day trading training platform with professional features such as the real time data scanners and chat rooms for day traders. It comes at a premium cost but when you look at the rapidly swelling Warrior community then it shows that the strategies taught at Warrior Trading seem to be doing well for a lot of students.

The thing about Warrior Trading is that it takes a very well grounded approach to trading. They do not teach anything fancy, rather they have kept their teachings methodology risk free by focusing on giving the students the basic understanding of how the market operates and how can data and indicators be used to make profit from short term momentum trading. Compared to other day trading courses, Warrior Trading has kept their strategy simple by focusing on the basics. This makes it easy for most traders, in addition to this the access to mentors through the chat rooms allows the traders to observe the live trading of their mentors and learn directly.

In a nutshell, Warrior Trading is ideal for those traders who are looking for a well grounded and comprehensive curriculum to help them understand the financial markets and how day trading works. There is nothing too fancy or edgy about Warrior Trading, their success had come by sticking to the fundamentals and making profit on their trading over and over again.

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